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In this house, we love Of The Trees. The psychedelic bass producer is a man of many talents. His music falls in its own unique category, making him stand out as a favorite among fans. The wait for new music has us keeping tabs on all Tree’s related updates, as even the hint of something new sent us into a frenzy. But besides music, we know our man has been cooking up on the side.

A couple of weeks ago, Of The Trees dropped this tweet, hinting at something coming up. The other day, we were blessed with the first of THREE(!): “TREELABS.”

Of The Trees has been grinding in Blender. Thanks to that, we got blessed with a visual masterpiece. On top of that, we also got a minute of lovely, ambient sound design from one of our favorite artists. We are beyond excited to see where this goes. As mentioned, this is only one of three. This should hold us over as we wait patiently for new Of The Trees music to drop.

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