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Once this beloved Bitbird duo released the breathtaking album, A Promise is Made, we were hella prepared when the DROELOE A Promise is Made Tour was announced!

The first phase of the lineup dropped in December, but you can now find all the locations of the A Promise is Made Tour below!

DROELOE will be receiving support from label-mate Taska Black along with ford. and Quiet Bison. With a stacked lineup like this, be sure not to miss it!

You can find tickets here.

The A Promise is Made album changed the game in future bass

The future bass beatmakers have undeniable producing and storytelling abilities. This album proved it through its enchanting vocals, mystifying synths, and unique flow. All Birbird labelmates follow a similar rhythm; however, huge fangirls (like me) can always tell when DROELOE’s on a track.

Basically, DROELOE’s sound is so distinctive that you can’t help but feel drawn to the story behind it. Surely, sometimes the singles get dark such as in “Virtual Friends”. But they always seem to know how to reel us back into the romance and positivity with songs like “Grind & Hustle”. You can’t expect anything less from San Holo prodigies!

They even went outside of their norm with heavy-hitting songs like “World Full of Snakes” that EDM Twitter producers couldn’t stop talking about.

If you haven’t listened to the alum yet, you probably know them from their super lovey-dovey songs “Many Words”, “Only Be Me”, and the “Stars Tonight” collaboration with Zeds Dead. Or maybe you know them for their bangers like “BACKBONE” and “Kintsugi”!

What should we expect from the DROELOE A Promise is Made Tour?

After seeing DROELOE 4 times last year, you can expect them to go HARD AF on this tour. Most people don’t see Future Bass as the “hardest” of genres in the electronic music community, but DROELOE always put their heart and soul in everything they do—and it’s very apparent.

It was always super fun to see them together on stage, having the time of their lives. While they’ll sadly be going their separate ways during touring, for now, we hope to see Hein soon!

Feel free to listen to the album below and find tickets here.

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