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Taska Black never fails to be honest with his songs— evoking his emotions of touring and his current place in life, he delivers an expressive piece of himself with “Comedown.”

It’s not the first time the future bass producer has talked about the not-so-magical side of love. He has songs like “Backwards Love” and “Where We Go” that make you feel less alone when you’re going through heartbreak.

This makes sense because he talks about making the song,

When I went into the studio with Solly, who co-wrote Backwards Love, and Cal we started chatting about our lives. I had just been back from 2-3 months being on the road on and off and was back in the US to write new music. I spent a lot of time alone in hotel rooms, eating dinner by myself, sitting on the plane or airports by myself. Sometimes I forgot why I was doing all of this, if it was worth giving up my family and friends.

Taska Black

Taska Black’s “Comedown” is another perfect breakup song

In Bitbird fashion, female vocals are sung over a mesmerizing melody. Taska knows how to build up tension perfectly, so when the chorus hits, you can feel it.

The hook of the song is,

Is the high worth the pain of the comedown?
Every time I come down
Got so high, flyin’ too close to the sun now
Prayin’ we don’t burn out
When I’m with you, I’m with you, it’s so loud
Then I end up missing you, miss you like right now
Is the high worth the pain of the comedown
Every time I come down

“Comedown” by Taska Black

I’m sure these are lyrics we can all relate to. We’ve all been in love with someone or something that’s not always good for us. But because of the high, we can’t stop.

I think it’s a lesson to all of us that we’re not alone. And to make sure there’s balance in all of your relationships to make sure you don’t feel the comedown.

Listen to Taska Black “Comedown” below and catch him on tour with DROELOE if you can!

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