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When DROELOE dropped “Virtual Friends” as their first single from A Promise Is Made, we were already head over heels. With the DROELOE VIP, called “Virtual Friends (Reimagined)”, we fell in love all over again.

Now, this track definitely isn’t about falling in love, but the producer really knows how to make a song about relationship problems so dreamy and beautiful.

“What the fuck is going on?” is our words exactly.

The original version is more soft and sentimental, but DROELOE’s “Virtual Friends (Reimagined)” gives you the festival trap vibes you’ve been craving since 2014.

“I don’t want to be alone with my finger on the phone…” is the main hook of the song. And that confusion is something we can all relate to. While the original version is absolutely more chill and sentimental, the VIP brings a new upbeat twist. It’s very unexpected but very DROELOE.

We love how the future bass artist is able to juxtapose the melody to the lyrics of the song… It’s masterful and mind-blowing! While the Bitbird sound is distinctive, it doesn’t mean it’s predictable. That’s why we’re always wanting to see what’s next from DROELOE and all of their artists!

Listen to DROELOE “Virtual Friends (Reimagined) here

Also, it’s worthy to note that a bunch of the Electric Hawk team will be at the A Promise Is Made Tour. Will you? Check out the remaining dates below:

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