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Featured photo by Julian Bajsel

They say two’s company, three’s a crowd. But in this case, three makes good company. Flying in the three artists from all over the world to meet at Foreign Family studios in Seattle, WA, ford., sonn, and Hanz have just graced us with their collaborative six-track EP, Good Company.

Hot on our radar, Foreign Family Collective has consistently built their roster with new, fresh talent, and this release is no different.

Good Company Electric Hawk

Giving us some serious “lofi beats to study/relax to” vibes, the EP starts off with an instrumental intro that sets the mood before transitioning seamlessly into the second track, “Waiting.”

The Feeling” marks the halfway point, also recruiting Ralph Castelli to add soothing, hazy vocals over the lulling synths, followed up by whimsical melodies in “Home.”

Ian Kirby, singer (as well as photographer and videographer), hops on “U Stay,” leading into “Endsong” to wrap up the EP on an uplifting note.

All in all, it’s only February and this is one of the most beautiful projects we’ve heard this year. We also wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up on Spotify’s curated coffee shop playlist.

Listen to Good Company below!

After finishing up touring as support for Madeon, ford. will also be joining artists like Droeloe and Shallou on their upcoming tours this spring.

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