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Deafadil is not playing around with the release of his debut EP, Wake_Mecha. Like a sculptor, he molds several genres together and creates a futuristic, grimy story in just four incredible tracks. Based out of Orange County, California, Deafadil is both a producer and visual artist; he created the cover art for both the single “Hollow” and the Wake_Mecha EP. This cybernetic EP is a must-listen, especially for EPROM, G Jones, and Chee fans.

Deafadil announces the release of the single, “Hollow,” alongside his self-designed cover art.

Track 1: “Wake_Mecha”

“Wake_Mecha” sets the mood for the EP with a suspenseful – but beautiful – opening, building tension while introducing a gritty cybernetic aura. It drops into catchy, dark bass composed using a variety of sounds and textures. There’s a brief interlude before the song continues into smooth drum and bass, overlayed with scratchy samples and feminine vocals. The end of the track indicates the awakening of an android entering combat.

Track 2: “Hollow”

“Wake_Mecha” seamlessly transitions into “Hollow,” the single Deafadil released to tease the Wake_Mecha EP. “Hollow” was originally released through Presently Lifted. In this track, Deafadil again shows their capability for bass fusion production; “Hollow” matches the driving energy and grimy bass in “Wake_Mecha,” with rhythm compositions and vocal samples akin to trap. There’s an intensity in “Hollow” that truly emanates a robotic fight sequence. It continues the story initiated in the first track on the EP.

deafadil wake_mecha ep
Portrait of Deafadil, from Instagram.

Track 3: “Skyline”

“Hollow” ends with quiet descending tones, and “Skyline” picks up with inversely ascending tones. This third track opens up with a curious and ethereal quality. But, it quickly transitions into filth. “Skyline” feels like a culmination of the Wake_Mecha EP; the previous songs’ flavors are present throughout this track. Expertly arranged bass frequencies and tones – both smooth and grimy – are present, in addition to hints of both drum and bass and trap.

Track 4: “Exit_Mecha”

Deafadil wraps up the Wake_Mecha EP cleanly with the appropriately titled “Exit_Mecha.” This track parallels the first track, “Wake_Mecha,” in structure. With a long, slow-building introduction that drops into gritty bass, Deafadil shows off his composition abilities once more. Again, like “Wake_Mecha,” the second drop is some experimental drum and bass – the perfect way to end this EP. “Exit_Mecha” implies the shutting down of the android from this story (perhaps, only a temporary sleep sequence).

This EP was made to listen to from start to finish, a lot of love and reflection went into creating a story and universe that it exists in. I hope to keep making and releasing heavy but also meaningful music this year and beyond.

– Deafadil

Deafadil indeed displays incredible audio and visual talents with their debut Wake_Mecha EP. There’s also no denying how much thought went into telling this cybernetic story through the EP structure. Smooth transitions between songs and a feeling of completion at the end make the Wake_Mecha EP an audiophile’s dream.

Listen to the Wake_Mecha EP below!

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