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Batten down the hatches and make peace with your creator, Chee is coming for necks and checks with “Quarter Inch.” This EP took a moment to sit with absorb, through the back to back drug enthusiast high holy days. We befriended, spoke to, and decided to stan every note of this heavy and beautifully crafted behemoth.

We, over at Electric Hawk HQ, first came across South Africa’s Chee three or so years ago when Noisia Radio said, “fuck it, lets rinse some CHUNES.” Soon after, Chee was everywhere, both on solo releases and teaming up with huge names (Culprate, Subtronics, Liquid Stranger). Genre-wise, mans is all over the map, from drum and bass to trap to heavy body rumbling dub, but always slutty and LOUD. If you don’t know Chee, get to searching because your faves do.

Is any of this legal?

Opening with back to back pre-released singles, “Blood Thirsty” and “Vultures,” this EP wastes no time. “Blood Thirsty” is ominous, like the old dudes who just hang out naked in gym locker rooms… remember when gyms were open? UWU! When it drops, hell breaks loose. Ancient cheeks flapping wild in the breeze. [Insert local gym chain] locker doors blown off their hinges. Professionals standing by with syringes of Cortisone for arthritis stricken hips that haven’t wiggled since ‘nam. “Vultures” comes in with the switch up. This bad boy selecta is straight-up CHILDISH. Daycare fight club type beat. Shanked with safety scissors kinda heat. Mommy popping ADD meds to bare-knuckle the PTA chairwoman on Black Friday for the limited edition Switch you wanted for Christmas sorta MEATY tune.

Literally call the police.

Neck Crack Flashback” sounds like new car smell. This a song you make extended eye contact with the Chipotle worker making your veggie burrito (yes we know guac is extra). This song develops like a fine aged malt liquor. Truly a “who came in my underwear” experience. Straight up. “Beaver Fever” is a funny ass name. Who gave Chee the right to call this Molotov cocktail something so hilarious. We had to spin this one back a few times. The animism in the Electric Hawk HQ that “Beaver Fever” caused was… does anyone have the number to a good repair man? Slap our asses and call us Kyle, there’s a hole in the drywall, Morty. Damn, last track. “Pipsqueak” is slow and grindy in a way that confirms that we do, in fact, feel God in this Chili’s tonight. An exhale after a high knees journey through auditory destruction in the best way. Until it isn’t. The last two minutes of this jawn is singularly responsible for my wife leaving me and subsequent probation…. long story short they don’t appreciate pants-less Naruto style running on top of the shelves at Walmart. Sigh.

“Quarter Inch” was a ride. A vibe. Responsible for several year’s off our lives. Final Rating: 10/10 Required to be played at maximum volume.

Stream “Quarter Inch” Here!

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