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“FleshNet” is the latest audio masterpiece from the metaphorical red pill that is– Eprom. In expected fashion, Eprom manages to give us a unique track with a multitude of genre-bending influences. Come take a dive with us down the rabbit-hole.

If you’re a stranger to Eprom, wake up. Simple as that, champ. Even in a pandemic, this man is everywhere. Between performances on virtual music festivals– be it as himself on Room Service, or as his side project with Alix Perez, SHADES, on Digital Mirage; he’s been hard at work on content. And boy, is it quality. New music, tutorial twitch streams, merch drops, and even a SHADES sample pack have been gifted to the masses since quarantine started. And, so far, we see no signs of slowing down.

But that’s a good thing! As long as he’s healthy, we’ll take all the Eprom content we can get. Seriously. We here at Electric Hawk have a serious Epro(ble)m and the only thing that can cure it– is more Eprom. My first experience seeing him live was at the first weekend of Electric Forest 2018. All I remember was heading into Tripolee a 5’7″ virgin. Now, I’m 6’3″ and married with two beautiful kids. You do the math.

Eprom FleshNet

“FleshNet” is a monstrosity of bass-heavy frequencies tied together by trap-inspired drum fills. Alarming sound samples and vocal distortions hype this track straight into your favorite playlist. Eprom’s ability to experiment with sound design, and consistently pull off insanely high-quality beats, is enough to impress even the average listener. His musical touch is recognizable in everything he does, and we appreciate his presence in the electronic scene immensely.

Listen to “FleshNet” by Eprom below, out now on Deadbeats:

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