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Rhett Whaley, famously known as Daily Bread, is taking a new approach to Valentine’s Day with his new single “Promise to Myself”. He was no doubt one of our favorite acts at Gem & Jam. And we’re happy to share his music with our hawklings!

The electro-soul producer has been making music for years, and his discography is thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal. He knows how to blend hip hop, funk, and soul seamlessly into a sound you can’t help but groove to.

Daily Bread’s new track “Promise To Myself” is no different

The track features female vocals singing a repetition of, “I promise to myself I’ll be there for myself” and Daily Bread mashes it up with the iconic song “The Choice is Yours (Revisited)” by Black Sheep. A lyric that Fatman Scoop also sampled the famous “If my train goes off the track—Pick it up, pick it up pick it up!” in a more Valentine’s Day appropriate song, “Be Faithful.”

If there’s one thing we learned (through our interview with Late Night Radio), it’s that soul is meant to be interpreted by the listener. We definitely get the vibe that Daily Bread’s “Promise To Myself” is an anthem of self-love. The soothing vocals and psychedelic rhythm is explorative and freeing. But that could also just be the single in us talking.

We’re excited to see what comes next from the Atlanta beat-maker. Whether he drops another USB full of unreleased music—yes, he does this and it does sell out—or some unreleased music, we can’t wait to hear it.

Feening to see Daily Bread live? We don’t blame you. Check here if he’s playing a show near you.

Listen to Daily Bread “Promise To Myself” below

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