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Even with everything going on, Rhett Whatley continues to connect with his fans. Daily Bread has been keeping us cozy this quarantine with new merch (his first hoodies!), live-streams, and the drop of his new EP, Re-Entry.

Electro-soul artists are criminally underrated, but talented as fuck. I’ve been keeping an eye on a lot of them. By the sheer amount of times I’ve mentioned Daily Bread in prior articles, he has quickly become one of my favorites.

Although we’re all going stir-crazy in this quarantine, Re-Entry has given us life. So I hope all of you give it a listen because it’s truly incredible!

If this doesn’t give you an indication of how much people fucking love Daily Bread, I don’t know what will!

Re-Entry is Whatley’s eighth full body of work

The EP, released via Philos Records, is packed with 6 tracks that showcase Whatley’s evolution as an artist and give us some insight into his personal life. It’s also a companion EP to Navigator, Standbyan album he released in May of 2019. With such soulful music, it’s always a treat to take a peek into the mind that created it.

“The Heat Continues To Rise (Just Like That)”

I love this intro song because it’s full of funk and Daily Bread’s unmistakable energy. While there are plenty of future funk producers to showcase, Daily Bread’s vibe has always been super fun and light-hearted. If you’re a part of the Daily Bread Fam, you’ll know how much we love puns, so the title could be a nod to baking bread. Or at least that’s what I’d like it to think. Puns, buns, or not—the track is a great way to start off the EP. And it’ll have you movin’ and groovin’ in your room all night long!

“Promise to Myself”

This song was released as a single on Valentine’s Day, and it was undoubtedly one of my favorite droops that day. While it’s a holiday for people madly in love, simps like me needed a reality check to make a promise to myself to be there for myself! I did a whole writeup on the song the day it dropped, so you can read my full thoughts here.


Whatley shows his love of hip-hop roots in both “Promise to Myself” and “Meditate.” While powerful and soulful through its lyrics and vocals, the song also gives a soothing effect. It came in perfect timing to keep our spirits high through this pandemic. The use of snares and reverb in the track makes the song hypnotizing in combination with its gospel and hip-hop roots.

“Rockbridge Railroad Station”

The beat comes back up with “Rockbridge Railroad Station” and we’re hyped about it. After two semi-solemn songs, Whatley brings heat and excitement. The track literally hits close to home for Daily Bread because when he talked about its development and said,

The feeling of coming home after extensive touring serves as the inspiration behind this track. I’m from a place in Georgia near Stone Mountain called Rockbridge, where the Yellow River flows through Southeast Dekalb County. Rockbridge Railroad Station is a fictional symbol of home for me.

Rhett Whatley, Daily Bread

We all have a place that feels like home to us, and this track hits the ballpark for those emotions. The song is super uplifting and reminds us, ‘It’s gonna be alright… The train is coming!’ I know we’re all craving some normalcy right now, and this is the song we needed to hear.

“Free Fall (Regaining Electric Power)”

Going back this space-themed of the EP, Daily Bread takes us on a journey with “Free Fall.” In this track, he mixes soul, rap, and gospel. He also features a deep voice narrating something you’d hear if you were literally on a space ship, similar to the opening song.

With all of those factors coming into play, the drum kicks and adds more to this chaotic, yet perfectly thoughtful energy. ‘I’m losing track of time… You know I’m going crazy ’cause I’m about to,’ is repeated throughout the song. With the vibe it gives and all of its moving parts, the listener can relate.

“Trapped In This World”

Daily Bread brings on the bass in his closing track, “Trapped in This World.” He mashes funk and bass seamlessly in this outro. It’s a bit darker and different than any other track in this EP, but still joins cohesively.

If one thing’s for sure, the versatility Daily Bread shows in Re-Entry is from another world. And we want citizenship.

Listen to Daily Bread Re-Entry now!

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