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This Valentine’s Day, blanke yanks out our heart strings with his flip of Paramore “crushcrushcrush.” Regardless of whether you are single or taken, this flip breaks down your emotional walls and hits you at your core. blanke has released many incredible remixes and flips over the years but this is one of his best.

The famous rock band Paramore released the original version of “crushcrushcrush” on their Riot album in 2007. Now 13 years after it was recorded, the Aussie-producer blanke delivers his take on the iconic track.

Opening with a slow melody and echoing vocals, he sets the nostalgic yet energetic tone of the entire track. Next, he expertly pairs the chorus with his builds and then releases the tension with the melodic drop only to stutter back into the build-drop cycle again. Therefore, this cycle leaves the listener not sure where the track is going and vulnerable to the stirring lyrics. In addition, juicy riffs and cheesy breakdowns are the popular signatures of the original track, and blanke retains all their catchiness with his melodies and drum-kicks. In conclusion, blanke adds his unique twist to an already amazing track and the results are spectacularly evocative.

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Featured photo: Karel Chladek

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