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Whether you are spending your Valentine’s day with your boo thang or celebrating some self-love, we have the project for you. A Hundred Drums self-titled album is the perfect gift to all of us on this romantic day. Calling it her most ambitious project to date, we are ready to dive into the piece of art. 

A Hundred Drums, the enchanting producer who currently resides in Denver, hails from the West Coast. Since the birth of the project in 2006, she has developed a unique sound through her love of nature and deep, mysterious bass music. Entwining the two, she has captured a unique blend of downtempo, deep dubstep, tribal & even psytrance. Certainly defying any sort of genre norm, her innovativeness is unmatched. 

A renaissance woman if you will. Besides producing, A Hundred Drums also has a hand in talent buying & artist relations for a production company called B-Sides, which she founded in L.A. If that wasn’t enough, she also sits on the board for a retreat called Shakti Sound. Shakti Sound is a self-love sanctuary for beginning female DJs and producers. Their mission is to represent and raise up women from an array of cultures and backgrounds providing resources and tools necessary to become successful in today’s industry through various workshops. 

Shakti Sound’ is the first track off the album and pays tribute to her empowering project.

The song begins with a flute medley that sets a luscious yet eerie vibe. The wind instrument makes way for a brigade of drums that sputter into a rambunctious pattern. Haunting vocals provide the backdrop throughout the song that’ll have you covered all over in goosebumps.

Circles’ featuring James Xavier is for all those deep dub lovers. The drums are mutilated into sounding like some possessed creature from the ruins of the jungle. The bass is heavily amplified on this one to create that overbearing feeling of deepness inside this dense track. James Xavier slides in to further suppress that heavy feeling with his reverb vocals.

A Hundred Drums invites listeners to hear her own dark and twisted version of the classic tale, ‘Boogie Man’. As whispers echo in your ear through the bleak tune, rigid bass lines are forcefully thrown in your direction. They rattle through your mind as you try and navigate through the blackness that is forming around you. 

Psy Area’ brings out all the liquid bass as this psytrance tune oozes into a mesmerizing concoction. Synths are brought to center stage, as the disfigured beats are served as a slimy texture. The moist breakdowns screech throughout the track leaving your mind in a discombobulated trance. 

A Hundred Drums recruits fellow Gravitas Recording artist Templo for a delicious downtempo expedition.

Journey through the hollow depths of a cave on ‘Apex’, as the low frequencies echo with every step you take. The sound of dripping water leaves us to rely on our sense of hearing to navigate through this dank, dark tunnel. We’re going to need a lot more collabs from this fearsome duo. 

Lastly, we have another remix from Leon Switch of A Hundred Drums’ ‘Lord of Tings’. The beat accentuates Jayne Greys tribal-esq, mystifying vocals while ominous deep dubs fill the room around you. This track is the perfect come down to close out this remarkable musical composition. Close your eyes and allow the vocals to take over your mind as they whisk you away into a sedative state. 

We expect a heavy dosage of A Hundred Drums in our lives this year. With festival appearances already slated at Lucidity Festival, Lightning in a Bottle & Ubbi Dubbi, we know this is only the beginning. Just this week, it was announced that she landed an opening spot during Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions. Quite the accomplishment and only further proves we’ll be seeing a lot of her soon. 

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