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A call-to-action email was sent to various producers today from a cryptic email. 2020’s been a hell of a year, but this week has been an absolute shit show! We’ve had aliens and/or Daft Punk place a huge monolith in the desert in Utah, it suddenly vanishes. Spotify’s testing their version of mf stories. CharlestheFirst has given nearly half our team a heart attack. What could it be? Trolls, a real threat, marketing tactic? SOMEONE HELP US.

All shenanigans aside, the cryptic message could most likely be a marketing strategy to debut a new record label or a livestream event. Only time will tell.

After a quick dive on Twitter dot com, we found a good majority of those that have received this same exact message- EAZYBAKED, akeos, Molokai, G-Space, smith., Al Ross, Saka, Calcium, Jiqui, Leotrix, Control Freak, Kill Feed, and Vanfleet. Another odd take on these emails is that most of them were sent to Yahoo addresses or Al Ross who got his on an AOL email. Strange in a world of Gmail. We’re no strangers to spicy tactics when we’re up to something, but anything is possible this year.

Some of our community is already giving it the meme treatment.

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