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Start your day off right with a piping hot cup of “Coffee Boi,” served up courtesy of our friend Shamblz. But be sure to handle with caution, the contents are hot. Freshly released on our SoundCloud series THE NEST, this dynamic dance track is sure to get you movin’ and groovin’.

Shamblz is pretty new to the music scene, but don’t let that fool you – the amount of energy, funk, and drive behind his music is loud and clear. Shamblz’ most recent song, “Coffee Boi” is a wonderful testament for more great work to come. He has us dancing our worries and pain right down the drain, so let’s listen!

“Coffee Boi” draws listeners in with a twangy, witchy sound and alluring midtempo beat. The dark energy builds up tension, some manipulated vocals add to the groove, and then bing, bang, boom. With deep bass undertones, upbeat drum pads, and the perfect amount of laser ‘pew’ samples, we’re transported back to the dance floor – finger guns, and all. The natural groove of the drum patterns combined with the spooky synths brings out unique emotion to the dance track, and we can’t get enough!

Get energized & listen to “Coffee Boi” here:

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