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Boy has this week been a whirlwind; and not a kendama trick. Our Cyclops Commander-In-Chief, Subtronics, has kept us on our toes this week starting with the mass cryptic emails giving a call-to-action for multiple artists. Following that, he released a picture with the label logo on the collar of his jacket. Suddenly the case had been cracked!

Shortly after, Jesse Kardon blessed us all by announcing via Twitter the first big announcement from Cyclops Recordings will be coming TODAY, DECEMBER 4TH! (The video was fkn sick, bro. If you didn’t see it watch below)

Mark your calendars for December 11!

Yes, that’s right. MARK ‘EM. Cyclops Recordings has announced they’re releasing a massive compilation that will include over 20 artists including Akeos, Control Freak, LEVEL UP, phonon, and 3 new tracks from Subtronics himself.

To celebrate the release of the Cyclops Recordings and Boot Camp, Subtronics and select artists from the compilation will be doing a 3-night drive-in run at NOS Event Center. Two nights are already sold out but you can get more information and tickets here!

While the marketing tactics may have seemed aggressive in ways- the label’s mission is to promote unconditional kindness through forward-thinking, cutting edge bass music. We know no one can complete this mission better than Subtronics’ and we truly cannot wait for the Boot Camp to be out!

Pre-save Boot Camp here!

Cyclops Recordings
Photo: Ching Chen

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