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Back in April, Seven Lions announced a remix contest that inspired Dezolent to go into the studio to work his magic into giving “Only Now” a unique spin. Seven Lions was inspired to do this contest after he caught his big break with a remix competition Above & Beyond held.

The last time we heard from Dezolent, he released “Introspection,” which has been a hit. So we knew this remix is going to be magical.

Dezolent’s “Only Now” remix is nothing but pure HEAT. It opens up with a quick-paced trance twist that welcomes in Tyler Graves’ voice. He keeps this high energy throughout the whole track, allowing us to never skip a beat. And it’s remixed to pure perfection.

Imagine you’re on a roller coaster; while you go up, you can hear the original track by Seven Lions. Then, as soon as you get to the top, cradling over the edge, you are dropped into Dezolent’s unique sound that just takes you away. 

 This contest has brought the music community closer with allowing artists to show their skills. Dezolent has done nothing but impressed us with his spin on “Only Now.” Stay tuned to see what other projects he has up his sleeve!

Check out Seven Lions “Only Now” – Dezolent Remix down below!

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