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GLD drops the hammer with a new single, “Judgement Day”. Released via Heavyweight Records, this one’s a tombstone piledriver for bass-heads everywhere.

Mattie and Jake, the duo behind GLD, are pushing to redefine how you categorize music. Known to blend their live sets with live instruments, these two are more than just dubstep. They draw heavy influences from punk, hip-hop, and hardcore music; consequently creating an ever-changing style that is everything but expected.

GLD has garnered support from big names like Skrillex, Diplo, and Excision just to name a few. Similarly, “Judgement Day” is releasing via Heavyweight Records; the record label created by Thirty Rack himself, DJ Carnage. When it comes to Carnage, it’s all about making an impact. So, you’ll realize why this release is very “on-brand”.

The dark and eerie mood is set the moment you press play. Haunting church organs illustrate the ambiance of a horror film. A pulsating bass, reminiscent of a starting chainsaw, fuses with a hollow choir that will make you want to call your mom to come to pick you up. But before she can answer the phone, the call drops, and you’re cut to shreds.

This drop is LOUD with a lot of experimental sampling and choppy synths. High-energy style dubstep at its finest. The interlude brings you back to the haunted house. Tribal drums guide you through empty rooms, and ghostly corridors, resulting in a second scare that’s just as frightening. Attacking you with rapid-fire layering, GLD melts your face, and you kindly thank them for it.

Stream “Judgement Day” by GLD below, and support your favorite creatives:

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