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I am thankful for good food, good shitposts, and to exist in a world where a CharlestheFirst and Of The Trees collaborative EP is a real thing. Earlier today CharlestheFirst woke up and chose VIOLENCE against our minds by tweeting “Me and @OfTheTrees really made a whole ep by accident when I visited him.”

It is quite possible that the one time Of The Trees tweeted a couple weeks ago that CTF spilled cum bird seed everywhere at his house that it was actually a result of his soul quaking from the massive tracks they just produced together and the bass still rattling his fresh beanie slightly off his forehead.

It may be a while before we hear any of it since CharlestheFirst’s next album is coming up very soon which is also bound to be a masterpiece.

You can check out the first single “Out of the Dark” from it and get a feel for the magic to come.

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Featured Image contains photos from Maya Tihtiyas and DJV.

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