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Big Dub is back for its 11th year! After celebrating their 10th year anniversary with a stellar lineup, it’s time to lock in those tickets and start planning.

Festival season can be hard: Budgeting, finding the right lineup, activities, and everything in between. Honestly, Big Dub can help make that decision a lot easier!

Located in Atemas, PA (literally in the middle of nowhere), Big Dub should be known as one of the wonders of the world. With 3 different areas to camp and arrival options starting on Tuesday, this hidden gem is a non-stop party.

The festival is stacked with themed camps, activities, and everyone’s dream lineup. So you’ll definitely get enough bang for your buck. There’s even a surprise lurking around every corner on the mountain—whether that’s a pirate ship stage or the life-sized Candyland, the only way to find out is if you go.

Previous years lineups have included big-name artists such as Boogie T, Liquid Stranger, BTSM, and Of The Trees, but the undercard is what continues to get thiccer each and every year.

Last year the attendees were even blessed with a filthy Gravedancer takeover!

If seeing the hype on previous years has already sold you on attending, you can grab tickets here!

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the lineup. Will you?

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