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Hailing from Lousiana, southern musician Boogie T returns with a new 4-track EP titled Old Gold. This EP is power-packed with his signature snare drum sound that resonates through you every beat.

Starting with his first tune, “Bad Mon Choon,” he soothes your mind with the gentle strum of his guitar while building up on kick sound and synth notes. He then winds you up to an energetic drop of his classic riddim sound that leads to a groovy beat coupled with his guitar. The whole track is a well-balanced intro to this EP.

His next track, “Mountain G.O.A.T.,” jumps right into a mesmerizing beat that builds on itself, coupled with vocals. This track mixes in a lot of natural sounds to harmonize the rhythm while keeping its heavy bass groove.

The third track, and probably my personal favorite, is his version of “Duck Duck Goose.” The song starts off teaching you the rules of the game in an eerie, yet captivating monotone voice until into drops into his familiar groovy sound. Boogie T definitely lets loose and has more fun with his take on a classic playground game.

Boogie T finishes the EP with “Bambaataa,” his collaboration with Subdocta. It is a more high-powered track that is guaranteed to have you moving for its duration. The song takes a soft break in the middle, bringing in Boogie T’s guitar that once again throws you into an energetic wonky rhythm that will just have you moving along.

Listen to Boogie T – Old Gold below

The Old Gold EP is a great ride and Boogie T certainly delivers. Catch him on ‘The One’ tour with Ganja White Night, Jantsen, and Subdocta in a city near you.


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