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Good morning, who’s ready for some breakfast? ZIN has been cooking up in the kitchen re-scrambling, BrunchBeatz‘s “Bizcocho,” and it’s pretty delicious.

ZIN has been working extremely hard this year, and I personally could not be more proud. Stepping back into the game, he has released outstanding remixes – one which got him a winning slot on Bentley Dean’s remix album, Inside My Mind.

Our very own, BrunchBeatz, released “Bizcocho” in August, and it serves nothing but pure bass. It’s a powerful blend of intense climaxes, rumbling bass, and mind-blowing drops. Scrambling this masterpiece up, ZIN adds more pepper and spice to give “Bizcocho” a new flavor. 

Comparing both the original and this new remix, fans can tell the differences. The original release is a bass-heavy behemoth, while this remix is more on the midtempo electric spectrum. The blending of all the ingredients equals the perfect well-balanced meal. Solidifying this as the definitive winner of The Menu: Rescrambled competition.

Stream the “Bizcocho” remix by ZIN below, and let us know what you think!

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