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Once again, slenderbodies have delivered an effortlessly lighthearted track, ready to lift your spirits. “cherry blossom,” ahead of the duo’s upcoming EP, is one you will not want to skip past this week!

Image via slenderbodies’ Twitter

“cherry blossom” is just what the doctor ordered!

slenderbodies is known for turning feelings, like the way sunlight shining through tree branches looks, i.e. their last album komorebi, into sonically beautiful music. Their sound graciously floats around the alt-pop/electronic space. With their latest release, “cherry blossom,” Max and Benji, of slenderbodies, took their sound for a little turn. Offering a more upbeat vibe than their prior releases! In other words, trust us when we say you will want to go straight back to summer days, thanks to “cherry blossom.”

slenderbodies tried out a new technique on this track.

The duo is no stranger to using texturized sounds throughout their music. It turns out that they tried a new process of sampling on “cherry blossom” called granular synthesizing!

If you’re unfamiliar, this kind of synthesis involves taking a really small sample (a ‘grain’) of a sound and warping it through repetition or stretching. you end up with these really wild sonic characteristics by focusing on such an atomic piece of the sound.

The lyrics and story of ‘Cherry Blossom’ reflect this creative process as our protagonist finds themselves looking for the little beauties around them like patterns, colours and nature.”

slenderbodies, in an interview with Complex UK

This new technique must be working, because we are blissed-out by “cherry blossom.” With that being said, we look forward to what slenderbodies have up their sleeve for the upcoming EP!

Be sure to give “cherry blossom” a listen below!

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