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Brew a cup of coffee and butter your toast because Brunch just released a long-awaited bass behemoth in “Bizcocho”. From start to finish, with intense leads, out of this world bass, and remarkable drops. Brunch has innovated his sound to make “Bizcocho” one of the heaviest bass songs of the year. A baconeggandcheese would really slap while listening to this song.

Listen to Bizcocho here:

Bizcocho has some of the most intense bass you can buy for $2.99 from the deli.

In the intro, Brunch teases us with little drops of bass while building up to the drops themselves. And when you reach that climax, holy moly. “You can get stopped by my mother fn bass” plays over the loudspeaker. I’m about ready to do 800 backflips because this drop is INSANE. Waves of bass layered underneath MORE BASS LEADS! It cannot get any better, but it does. Drop 2 is immediately after the first and Brunch did the damn thing dawg. We pick up the pace with this drop with the bass literally coming out like a gatling gun full of heavy trap sounds and hard-boiled eggs. Now I can see why Blanke and Modestep reacted the way they did to this song…

The last drops of Bizcocho are the frosting on this multi-layered cake. And like idk what Brunch ate for breakfast, but imma need 4 times the amount of what he ate to make something as beautiful as these last drops. Y’all better grip that rail with force because we get more crazy headbanging bass. Even though I’ve been grippin that thang to each diverse drop. Ight now I’m going to buy the whole menu at Denny’s.

Bizcocho has so much bass variation to it that it’s hard to pick a favorite drop.

Brunch didn’t say break your neck, He said break your eggs to this entire song. But speaking of variation, Brunch is on top of his game when it comes to the different types of bass and trap he creates. Be sure to keep listening to Brunch because “Bizcocho” is only one of the many items on his Menu ;).

Btw did you know Bizcochos are a wide range of pastries, brb imma eat all the Bizcochos…

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