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Is it hot in here or is it just ZIN? He made his return by releasing a powerful remix to Madeon’s “All My Friends” and now he is back, adding more fuel to the fire. Showcasing his skills, ZIN gifts us with his remix of Bentley Dean’s “Inside My Mind.”

Giving up and coming artists a chance into the big leagues, Bentley Dean teamed up with Mau5trap and Emanate Official to host a remix competition for his track “Inside My Mind.” With various submissions from various artists, our sweet pal ZIN took the lead and snagged one of the winning slots! 

ZIN takes “Inside My Mind” and gives it a bit more spice, allowing for the track to be transformed into something powerful. The techno underlines that ZIN blends in add a mysterious tone which leads up into a driving, pulsing beat that will keep you on your toes all night. 

Overall – we congratulate ZIN over here at HQ! This proves that hard work can get you far. 2020 might be drawing to a close, but ZIN is only just beginning. Stay tuned to see what he has for us in 2021 because it is going to be spicy.

Listen to “Inside My Mind” down below!

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