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We are entering new thresholds as we explore the groundbreaking debut EP from Vanfleet, Starlift, released on March 24th through Cyclops Recordings. Vanfleet, Hawk Eye Artist Watch for 2023, unleashes thrilling and innovating soundscapes that rattle the reality of our surroundings. Through her debut EP, we begin to venture through the different sectors of the galaxy and be introduced to new species of sounds. So if you are ready, hop onto the Starlift with us; you better be prepared to have your mind altered.

Vanfleet Live Photo @ Bassrush
Photo Credit: Troy Acevedo

Brace yourself for the spine-chilling adventure you’ll embark on with Vanfleet!


Vanfleet Starlift Cover art
Cover Art Made By Vanfleet

Immediately, the atoms within our cells materialize into a new environment. Vanfleet introduces us to ominous and sinister elements that get our skin crawling. “Starlift” captures our breath, and Vanfleet blasts us with fracturing booms before we can exhale. They sonically pierce through the sound barriers, stunning us into a mesmerizing state.


While exploring the deep caverns of sonic exploration, Vanfleet unleashes her wrath. “Radon” meshes the metallic clanging and fracturing synths that bring a sonorous environment around us. Our bodies are now fully in hypnosis to the reverberating sounds. Vanfleet captures the darkest elements and delivers an unforgettable moment in time.


Returning to the high tension, “Onyx” expands the longing pressure within all of us. Ready to remove all the bad habits we cling to, Vanfleet raptures the barrier for us. “Onyx” puts us under a chokehold as we feel the toxins crawl through our veins. While the shimmering synths course through the body, we feel a sense of relief. And as we feel a new state of relaxation, the spellbinding composition of “Onyx” induces us to explore new sectors of our minds. Between the sections of chaos and clarity, Vanfleet’s production crafts refreshing elements for everyone to get a tranquil state. “Onyx” shows us that we are in a safeguard to move forward with no fears or intrusive thoughts taking over us.


To conclude, Vanfleet has a haunting and remarkable conclusion to Starlift while slowly building the suspense within the introduction as we evaluate what could come next. And with a simple “there’s something you need to know” vocal, Vanfleet prepares us for the next evolution of sound ahead of us. “Dredge” educates us about the heavier resonating sounds that will linger within our minds once it’s over. Then, through the sinister synths and crunching bass, Vanfleet shows us how something so dark can be so elegant.

Nothing but a bright future for Vanfleet after a memorable debut EP!

Nevertheless, Vanfleet delivers refreshing sounds that make your mind melt. Already getting recognition from artists like SVDDEN DEATH, Subtronics, Space Wizard, and Lord Genmu, there appears to be a bright future in Vanfleet’s career. Later in April, she is prepping to bring these mind-shattering sound elements to Red Rocks when she opens up at The Valley of Darkness II with SVDDEN DEATH and more! For her debut EP, we are leaving the spacecraft with excitement as we continue to watch the growth Vanfleet is about to have. In the end, a brand new species of sound is being created by a brilliant mind, and we are eager for what is in store for the rising star.

Blast off into new limits with Vanfleet and her debut EP Starlift!

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