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It appears the sun has been almost fully eclipsed, and the Red Rocks amphitheater is engulfed in blood-red light and dark shadows. SVDDEN DEATH posted this cryptic image the evening of August 17, hinting at a Red Rocks takeover in the near future.

What did SVDDEN DEATH do to the sun?

Is SVDDEN DEATH giving us a VOYD Red Rocks show?

Lately, so many finely curated electronic acts are making their way to Red Rocks. It would come as no surprise for SVDDEN DEATH to secure a performance here. He patiently polishes his presentation and sound, and he creates a persona that perfectly captures a dark, demonic aura. SVDDEN DEATH goes a step above the rest with his aesthetic choices and incredible theatrics. From donning a Baphomet-esque mask to floating in a ring of red fire, SVDDEN DEATH makes his performances unforgettable.

The EDM community will never forget this.

Furthermore, he funnels his vision to give fans the mythically malevolent VOYD sets; these audio-visual sets are a slight diversion musically from his SVDDEN DEATH performances, but they are highly sought after. He explains that VOYD sets tend to focus more on “traditional riddim… [and] started to push more left-field bass.”

Fellow arm-chair detectives checking the Red Rocks website can see that a date for Sunday, October 24 has been reserved for SVDDEN DEATH. Presently, it is unclear whether or not SVDDEN DEATH will bring VOYD to Red Rocks. Regardless, fans should prepare themselves to snag those tickets before they almost inevitably sell out!

Need more SVDDEN DEATH as soon as possible? Check out one of his latest releases, “UTAH,” below!

Note: cover image shot by Rukes at Forbidden Kingdom.

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