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After massive success with HALIENE‘s Heavenly EP, she’s back at it with three fresh tracks on Heavenly [Divine Edition], released on March 24. This Divine Edition features remixes from artists like Ben Gold, Crankdat, Last Heroes, Crystal Skies, and more. She’s previously collaborated with big-name artists like Armin van Buuren, Illenium, Seven Lions, and more, but recently developed and solidified her personal and unique sound with the Heavenly EP and now Heavenly [Divine Edition].

My album Heavenly explores the nature of transcendent identity and the power of music to heal and move us. The songs were written to stand on their own, outside the trappings of any one production sound or style. The Divine Edition further captures the spiritual essence of what I set out to do in Heavenly, by expanding the genres in which the songs get to live.


These new tracks are nothing short of Divine.

Hollow” starts with an enchanted intro, HALIENE’s vocals quickly setting the scene. Her vocals lead us through this majestic track, with the chorus slowly picking up the pace while her voice keeps us steady. “If I told you I was breaking, could you fit into the spaces in my arms…” The scene she took us to during the intro is a place of yearning while breaking. The line “Would you hold me if I was empty? Pull yourself into the hollow of my heart, the hollow of my heart,” takes us to the first drop of the song, where we hear Elephante’s signature sound come through. As huge HALIENE and Elephante fans, these two mastered a track that we didn’t know we needed.

Reach Across the Sky (Ben Gold Remix)” is faster, at just the right pace. The beat draws us in this time, with HAILENE’s vocals rounding it all out. This one makes us want to dance, but HALIENE’s vocals slow the whole tune down right before the chorus. We imagine flashing lights in a crowd with HALIENE’s voice complimenting the lights and beats. After the slow beats, it quickly picks back up again. Ben Gold has mastered picking up the pace perfectly with HALIENE’s vocals.

Glass Heart (Acoustic)” tugs on our heartstrings, with HALIENE’s vocals pulling us in immediately. Though a slower track, it’s still as powerful as the others on the album. Her voice along with the soft acoustics in the background work like magic. This track is our personal favorite, as the focus is solely on the lyrics and HAILENE’s voice. It’s a magical twist to a song we’ve already fallen in love with.

HALIENE photo Heavenly Deluxe Edition
HALIENE, taken by Taylor Regulski

As I work with other incredible producers, my songs can have different expressions, highlighting new colors of themselves, allowing my music to live in multiple genres at once.


Now, let’s fall back into a couple of the remixes on the Heavenly EP!

Underneath My Skin (Crankdat Remix)” is definitely a heavy hitter on this EP. With bubbly elements complimenting HALIENE’s vocals immediately, you can’t stop listening. The energy stays high and constant, elevating the vocals and lyrics. The way her voice mixes into Crankdat’s beats is truly something you can’t beat. This track we absolutely want to hear live – lots of dancing and singing. A beautiful duo that we’ll always treasure.

Parachute (Nikademis Remix)” stands as another one of our favorites. Although the original is a favorite of mine as well, this track is a perfect blend of lyrical elements, HALIENE’s voice, and melodic beats. The intro is slow yet catchy, with her voice entering at the perfect time. The beat works in tandem with guiding us through the slow and fast paces of the song. Amidy’s vocals come in and harmonize perfectly with HALIENE mid-song. There’s something so magical and hypnotizing about these two creating a song together, especially with Nikademis‘ twist on it.

HALIENE’s Heavenly tour might be coming to an end, but you can still catch her live in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 3rd and San Fransisco, California on July 8th. Be sure to follow along with what she does next, we sure can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

Prepare for a heavenly adventure: listen to HALIENE’s Heavenly [Divine Edition] now!

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