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Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that you are either cuddled up with your bae or complaining on twitter that you’re single. Luckily, Cupid’s favorite day falls on the music industry’s favorite day of the week, Friday. There are plenty of new singles, remixes, EPs, and albums out today. So let’s dive into all the new music we got on this lovely day.

Liquid Stranger bends time and space in his new EP, Ascension.

Mr. Stranger is no stranger to the weird bass. The Wakaan creator has three solos on the EP that showcase different styles of bass music. ‘Psychonaut’ will make you want to wave your trap arms in the air. ‘Ascend’ will lift your soul into the next dimension. ‘Over n Out’ will make you feel butterflies in your stomach, just like how you met your middle school crush and gave them a Valentine’s Day card. Liquid Stranger also paired up with a few artists on three songs. Luzcid and Liquid Stranger lay down ‘The Hammer’ and melt your heart with a headbanging bass tune. ‘Laser Burn’ with Hydraulix will burn bass right into your brain. And ‘Sunken Technology’ with LSDREAM brought funk and bass together to make love inside your ear.

Ride your Boycycle to Salvatore Gannaci’s New EP

What is Valentine’s Day without one of the sexiest DJ’s alive Salvatore Gannaci. His 3 track EP will repair that broken heart of yours. Boycycle is the vibey tune of the EP with French vocals by Sebastien Tellier. ‘Heartbass’ with Tommy Cash will make your heart bounce out of your chest like you did when you first fell in love. Interest in sport brings the house into the EP and after listening to this song I’m out to the club, whos coming? I really need a date!

Tame Impala releases first album in five years!

We really waited 5 years for another Tame Impala album and I have been single this entire time! Anyway, we take a turn to the non-EDM world as we take a listen to The Slow Rush. Kevin Parker brings in a smoother and relaxed psychedelic tone to his newest creation. Parker paid attention to detail in his newest creation. Some of the highlights of the album are “Lost In Yesterday”, “Is it True”, “Glimmer”, and the seven-minute ending “One more Hour”. The whole album is wonderful and full of songs you can dance to on your bed in your underwear while eating popcorn.

Are you lonely? Listen to these singles.

From headbanging bass bangers to vibey house tunes, to songs you’ll sob your little heart out, there’s something for everyone on the day filled with love. Want to headbang aggression out over your ex? ‘Walls cave in’ by Soltan and Nazaar, ‘Bahebe’ by Dirty Audio and Leotrix, or ‘Lair’ by Anrkey might do the trick. Want to dance? ‘Over and Out’ by KSHMR, Hard Lights, and Charlott Boss will make you jump ‘Valkyrie’ by Tritional will make you shuffle, and ‘Cold Feet’ by Loud Luxury will make you dance and cry and dance some more… and cry some more. Speaking of crying and dancing, Trivecta and Varien released a psy and melodic dubstep song ‘Revelation’.

A remix for Valentine’s Day?

A few remixes came out today too! Blanke released his tearjerker flip of Paramore’s ‘crushcrushcrush’. Heyz released his wobbly remix of Flux Pavilion‘s ‘Lion’s Cage’ on Circus records. 3Four unleashed a vibe with a remix of Hygge’s ‘Blind Faith’ with hints of house and bass. 

From Electric Hawk with love, Happy Valentine’s Day Hawklings!

And if you’re looking for a solid playlist to follow? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Whether it’s the newest drops from these artists or all your other favorite artists, some old school, or undergroundWe just want you to hear it.

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