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Inspected compilation Vol 3. is out now. ‘Powered by Inspected Vol. 3′ brings listeners some of the most creative and peculiar melodies that you will hear. Genre’s making multiple appearances on this album include drum & bass, halftime, and dubstep. The tracks on this album all have one thing in common: they are all unique and have a sound of their own. A telltale sign of another incredible Inspected release.

Powered by Inspected

This album features some of the biggest names in halftime along with some of the most original production we’ve heard. With names like Frequent, Hudson Lee, Chee, ALEPH, and many others on the album, there was no doubt that this project would be packing a lot of heat. On top of all of that talent, this project also includes a Clockvice and Vorso collab. The two of them together always create something magical with their collabs and their song ‘Catastrophe’ proves that to be true.

Inspected brings some of the best in bass.

Inspected has been at the forefront of bass music for some time now. Whether you are familiar with the label or not, they have curated experimental projects that have likely influenced some of the artists you probably listen to. They have always allowed their artists to express themselves and how they feel through their music. It is because of this that Inspected has curated some of the very best in bass music and will continue to do so.

This year Valentine’s Day brought a lot of great releases and some memorable projects. Powered by inspected was definitely in that category. If you are looking for a diverse project to listen to, have a listen.

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