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Freddy Todd doesn’t make your mother’s bass music. He’s unbothered about fitting into a genre or creating a sound that sticks to norms. Instead, Freddy Todd creates tumultuous yet flavorful, exploratory music that defies any sort of preconceived notions you may have about the bass brand. Now the dynamic visionary is back again with ‘Dig A Hole’. Hoping to enlighten us all this year by proving that there is no real formula for producing.

2019 was all systems go for Freddy Todd. After working his ass off for over 10 years, his unconventional, left-field music was finally at the forefront of the bass genre. His Wreckulous EP was a refreshing switch up, as he continued to define the term experimental on this project. His colossal breakdowns were, at last, expanding the consciousness of the masses and helped to continue to push the envelope for exploring new depths to the genre. Aside from the hefty amounts of new music, the guy was throwing at his fans. Industry heavyweights such as GRiZ, Space Jesus & Liquid Stranger were all letting it be known that this dude was next up.  

Dig A Hole‘ begins as the bass is revved up like a car motor.

From 0 to 100 the track spirals into a deadly crash course. As though you are the test dummy for safety, you are jerked and thrown in every possible direction. Let go of all control because there is no telling what is going to happen on this one. The breakdowns are fierce and sudden as the beat sputters on insanity. Vocal chops provide the mesmerizing feeling of falling deeper and deeper down the hole. 

As the second phase of the track begins Freddy Todd shows some appreciation for a lil drum and bass. Raucous hi-hats provide the commotion for a brigade of enormous and abrasive sounds to infiltrate your tiny ear holes. As the song comes to a finish, he once more flexes his freeform innovativeness as the bass transforms into an array of sounds simply indescribable. If you’re looking for some originality, this right here is your tune.

Stream the single below to hold you over while we wait on the rest of the Fredcrumbs EP from Freddy Todd. Due out on 2/28, it’s safe to assume that he’ll be packing some heat. If that isn’t enough for you, the producer has also alluded to the fact that he has a larger body of work expected to be released later this year. If 2019 was only the beginning for Freddy Todd, then you can bet on 2020 to be a wild one.

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