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Bringing a new meaning to high energy bass music, Luzcid usually weaves sound through time and space. This time, Luzcid takes you on a submersed journey to the deep, where the only light comes from “The Jellyfish.”

His latest EP, Luminescent, out today via Wakaan, takes us through a unique, pelagic environment of sounds. The intricate ways he decorates the space around you with sound is rewarding and euphoric.

By definition luminescence is spontaneous emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; or “cold light.” Over the past several months I have noticed the music world redefining what we consider high energy bass music. It is becoming wildly more melodic and explorative. In this way I see a parallel to the concept of luminescence. We are finding a new way to create light, as opposed to always using heat. This new musical freedom is what created the Luminescent EP. When the world turns dark use it as an opportunity to learn another way to create light.”

– Luzcid

The Jellyfish, a being known to be luminous incarnate. Beautiful to gaze upon, but dangerous if you get too close... Luzcid couldn’t have made a more fitting track.

It hooks you almost instantaneously. The sharp melody and synths draws you in, creating a soundscape that is conscientious and excellent in intent. Now, you’re transported to an oceanic world. You’re surrounded. The heavy snares, the vibrant loops, the bubbly bass couples the wonky basslines like pb&j. And your mind is ensnared by a sonic jellyfish with no chance of escape.

Luzcid is an artist for the people. By connecting with us through exercise/diet tips, meditation/yoga, or even just enjoying life, it brings a new perspective to the his music.

Luzcid, AKA Neil, continues to shine a beacon of light for the bass community with this new EP. Only “The Jellyfish” can bring light to where the sun fails to shine. It gives us hope; something to look forward to when shows come back and hearing this track on a proper sound rig.

The Texas native has performed in almost every major city. Touring with Champagne Drip on their co-headline “Double Vision” tour and bringing down “The Hammer” on Liquid Stranger’s Ascension Tour, he’s been working hard. If you saw his performance on our Harmony Festival, you know there’s no chance of him ever slowing down.

Come take a dive with us, and try not to get stung, as we premiere “The Jellyfish” by Luzcid on his Luminescent EP, out on Wakaan today!

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