HEYZ Releases Official Remix of Flux Pavilion ‘Lion’s Cage’ feat. Nevve

North Carolina-based producer HEYZ adds a wonky twist to the 2019 Flux Pavilion single ‘Lion’s Cage‘ feat. Nevve with his official remix on Circus Records. Incorporating lofty guitar leads and gritty synths, this remix takes the listener on an emotional voyage.

When Flux Pavilion released ‘Lion’s Cage’ in May last year, it was definitely a departure from the sound Flux is most known for. The English producer is famous for giving us legendary dubstep tracks like ‘I Can’t Stop‘ and ‘Bass Cannon.’ However, ‘Lion’s Cage’ is buoyant and melodic and Nevve’s vocals add a sleek ambience. Likewise, with this remix HEYZ shows us his versatility and technical prowess.

HEYZ’s remix of ‘Lion’s Cage’ begins with echoing vocals and chimes, setting an eerie atmosphere. Next, he sheds the light tone of the original with wonky melodies that contrast well with the still-airy vocals. All in all, HEYZ takes an excellent Flux Pavilion track and twists it into something darker and his own.

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Acid Dubstep.

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HEYZ, real name Mike Hayes, initially released on mau5trap, and since then he has songs on Jauz‘s label, Bite This, and now an official remix for Circus Records. His tracks span from techno to dubstep, not a common quality among producers. HEYZ will perform at Digital Gardens Festival in Charlotte, NC, this coming April.

Listen/Stream Flux Pavilion – ‘Lion’s Cage’ feat. Nevve (HEYZ remix)

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