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It’s been a while since UNKNWN has put out new music for our ears to feast on. But today that changed. Yup, he blessed us with 25 minutes of fresh tunes. The Purple Fern he calls it, and wow does it give off that forest vibe. In the past, we have come to expect to get that Deep Dark & Dangerous vibe from UNKNWN. But here, he really shows us how he’s honed his skillset recently in this 25-minute display of exquisite sounds. The only bad news? None of it is released.


The Purple Fern is 25 Minutes of Unreleased Heat

So how long has UNKNWN been sitting on these tunes? We may never know. But, what we do know, is that this latest tape is absolute heat. And if this is a sign of what to expect from him, then we are in for an exciting future.

The Purple Fern starts off with a gentle, lullaby-like intro. UNKNWN eases us in for the journey he is about to take us on before it takes a turn into madness. I try not to compare artists, but the beginning of the mix gives off massive, old Charlesthefirst vibes. And I mean that in the best way possible. UNKNWN gives us that same feeling of being lost in a foggy jungle in the Pacific Northwest, but he adds a special, unique touch to it. The unreleased tunes on this tape are very bass-heavy and will have your face twisting in weird ways while still soothing your body in the dream-like vibes. A truly perfect juxtaposition of sounds.

Not Just a Mix, A Journey

Something else that really stood out in this, was the mixing itself. Each song flows seamlessly into the next, making it that much more enjoyable. When I describe this as a journey, I am not exaggerating. The psychedelic and mystical vibe, along with the flawless transitions, put you in a different world. As the mix progresses, the bass gets heavier and weirder. Once it hits the 10-minute mark, I was ready to break every object within a 20-foot radius. Seriously, that’s how hard it hits.

About 15 minutes in, UNKNWN really shows off his skills on the keys, and adds a more melodic build-up and melody, while still showcasing the lovely, nature-like bass sounds that have shined throughout. The rest of the way can only be described as dangerous. UNKNWN explores the depths of sound, having no regard for the listener’s health as he truly ruins our minds in the best way possible.

If this is your first time hearing of UNKNWN, now is the time to get on board. If this mix is a sign of what’s to come, it is only up from here for the up and coming artist. He’s sitting on 3,700 followers on Soundcloud currently, let’s run this mix up get him to 4k.

Listen to The Purple Fern mixtape from UNKNWN below:

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