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Take a step into the deep UNKNWN with his new track, “Runnin’.” This haunting track was made for us deep bass lovers and stays true to his signature low-end bass style and perverse soundscape.

The single sounds like the soundtrack to a blockbuster terror film.

Walking through the woods in the dead of night, there’s nothing but the sound of your own breathing and the whispers of deep basslines arising. You look around, a shadow and sudden movement catching your eye. Are those footsteps or just tree branches in the wind? A sinister feeling starts setting in. F@#! you say to yourself, where is everyone?

And that’s when “Runnin'” really begins. Starting with a familiar, yet ominous melody, it’s a very exquisite, but intrusive build-up. The sudden dark hellish vocals will bring you spiraling down into the abyss until you’re frozen in a state between UNKNWN‘s binaural beats.

Brock Muellner, AKA UNKNWN, finally blesses (or curses?) us with this release. “Runnin'” has been on our radar for longer than we should admit, and it’s finally here for your playlists and on-repeat days. If you want to take a deep dive into the cryptic mind of the unknown, check out our interview with Brock here!

Listen to “Runnin'” by UNKNWN now

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