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When I opened up my inbox to find this remix of “Overthinker,” sitting at exactly 4:44 long as I played it from my Dropbox, I knew it was my lucky day.

You know that moment when you realize you swam just a bit too far under the ocean? The air in your lungs builds up in your chest moments before you surface, only for the pressure to explode as you topple the waves? The sudden rush of air floods to your head and color bursts behind your eyes as you are, in a way, vaulted out of a world you do not belong to. The original “Overthinker” is like the hand that helps you break the surface of the water, pulling you free of the current and allowing you to breathe. With this song put into CloZee‘s masterful hands, we find ourselves yet again understanding something that goes beyond what words can portray.

“When INZO asked me to remix “Overthinker”, I was extremely honored because it’s one of my all time favorites. I used to play it a lot in my sets. For that reason, it was also the most challenging remix I’ve had to do.”


“Overthinker” is still just as marvelous, 2 years after release

We all know the perfect sample doesn’t exist… right? We have our doubts as we revisit INZO‘s cult hit “Overthinker” upon hearing CloZee’s remix released on Lowly. INZO’s choice of specific words from Alan Watts feel like they were almost made to be a part of his song. The lines of communication blurring as the blend of unfinished words and music still give way to the ability to understand meaning despite the loose form of the ideas being portrayed.

CloZee's Overthinker Remix
Image from @false_data on twitter

Once given to CloZee she transforms “Overthinker” from a dazzling wish upon a star into a prayer to the gods. And unlike a wish, this prayer is a hope but with action behind it. After your moment to shout to the universe you stand up and move on. You set off in the direction of whatever you asked for in the hopes to meet it halfway. And by gods, whatever higher power exists out there better hear her with this one.

While the original is the hand that pulls you from the depths of the swirling water, a saving grace. The CloZee remix is that moment of exhilaration as you prepare to dive right back into the very waves you have just emerged from, determined to dive deeper, and hold your breath longer. Only the vast sea you prepare to dive into is your very own mind.

Listen to CloZee’s “Overthinker” Remix below!

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