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UHNK released a new high-energy track, “Gang.” You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about UHNK this year. With his signature dirty bass sound and hip-hop beat influences, we realize he simply can’t miss.

The Chicago-native producer has a signature sound that is aggressive, with gritty, morphed textures and lots of hip-hop and break-beat influence. He’s had our fullest attention since the release of DIY Reality and has been working hard this quarantine season on new music and A/V (audio/visual) setups. (Shoutout Kelly Fin on the visuals)

*Epilepsy Warning* for the teaser video:

When listening to “Gang,” you’re going to need a lot more than just goggles, maybe a new change of pants too. With a drum-heavy build-up, UHNK then smacks with some morphed bass breaks and loud, choppy vocal samples. With an intelligent beat-making style and undeniably dirty sound design, UHNK wins this round.

Listen to “Gang” by UHNK here:

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