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“Melodic Machine” by RAVACHOL is a type of track that you’ll put on while doing something else, then all of a sudden the music takes control and you get BUCK on beat no matter what you’re doing. RAVACHOL finally blesses us sons of bitches with an insane neck breaker of a song. And, boy, has he been holding out on us.

Starting his project around 2015, the California-based producer has been making a name for himself in the bass music scene. Crankin’ out heater after heater, he keeps surpassing himself. His latest tune, “Melodic Machine,” is no exception.

Filled with heavy synths and low dubbed vocals ever whispering turn the music up a lil bit…sounds like a warning. Not a second is wasted before you’re thrusted into hard hitting basslines. RIP to your neck, RAVACHOL invokes violence with this dubstep track that will leave you broken.

Listen to “Melodic Machine” by RAVACHOL below:

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