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Today’s been an exciting day over at Electric Hawk HQ. Not only did we drop our very limited edition merch with Wobble Factory, but it’s also Harmony day!

new music friday
Wobble Factory x Electric Hawk LE merch

On top of that, it’s new music Friday. Let’s jump right into some of our favorite releases of the week!

Starting off strong, we have a release with iSorin, “Dissociate,” fresh off Electric Hawk Records.

You know we love our wave music over here. And if you aren’t already familiar with iSorin, we’re here to change that. He’s one of the most versatile producers around, and you can catch a set from him during Harmony tomorrow at 3:45 PM CST.

Next up, Big Gigantic did the damn thing with their remix pack of Free Your Mind.

Teasing us with a CloZee remix of “You’re The One” last week, they’ve now delivered their full remix pack for their most recent album, Free Your Mind. Including artists like AHEE and Nikademis, this one brings the feel goods and is worth checking out.

We’re also super obsessed with the new single “Drift” from Moore Kismet.

Have we mentioned they’re 15 years old and already releasing on Bassrush records? Teaming up with Bajillionaire for a high energy, catchy single, Moore Kismet is the future face of bass music. You heard it here first.

It wouldn’t be new music Friday without a Deadbeats release. This week, it’s a two-track release “FEEL / CONTROL” from duo X&G.

Tech house fans, we’re looking at you. Swathed in infectious basslines, these tracks were made to be played out on the dancefloor of a packed, sweaty club. (we miss it so much 😔) Add X&G to our list of artists to catch when live music is a thing again.

On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got a beefy bass tune, “Invisible Enemies,” from Esseks and Tsimba.

Taking full advantage of both their signature sounds, the Brooklyn boys teamed up for one of the best collaborations of the year, soaking this tune in delectable bass.

It’s getting hot in here with the new ZHU track, too.

You know that feeling you get when you’re doing something that you know you shouldn’t, but you get a sort guilty pleasure out of it? Somehow, ZHU depicted that exact energy in his seductive new single, “Risky Business.”

Did someone say UHNK?

Say it louder for the people in the back! Featuring Mayor Apeshit and Messinian, we’d do unspeakable things to hear this absolutely monstrous track, “Trenches” by UHNK, played out on a Hennessey sound rig. In fact, we’re begging at this point. Someone might get hurt.

That’s all for now. Happy new music Friday, and make sure to tune into Harmony festival with us here!

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