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One thing I love about electronic music is that there are so many different variations of it. You may think you know bass music, but then an artist comes out with something that totally blows your mind. That’s how I’m feeling with UHNK‘s DIY Reality EP. Featuring two collabs and four original tracks, we’ve got UHNK on our radar after this.

Right off the bat, the first track on this EP, ‘This Finger’, shows off UHNK’s incredible production skills. With rattling bass and punchy percussion, this track comes out swinging. ‘SLAM’ follows suit with even more filthy bass before quickly moving into ‘UHNKNO’ a collaboration with Wreckno.

The last half of the EP takes us on a similar journey as the first half, but with a slightly more subdued feel. ‘Wookslayer’ and ‘Witch Doctor’ bring the EP to a slower pace while still bringing earth-shattering bass to the table. ‘Witch Doctor’ is definitely the most downtempo track of the EP, but serves as a great interlude before the finale, ‘Notes from the Underground’. This final track rounds out the EP with a similar sound as the first tracks, making it all come full circle.

All in all, this EP is killer and just the beginning for UHNK. Hailing from Chicago, UHNK uses his unique sound design to blast the bass into our ears like ever before and has recently gained recognition on the stage from likeminded artists such as ill.Gates and Bassnectar. Combining elements of drum and bass, hip hop vocals, and dubstep, UHNK is one to keep an eye on.

Listen to ‘DIY Reality’ here:

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