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Hawk family, we’re asking for your help to save our stages.

The entertainment industry has taken one of the biggest hits. Right now, independent venues, promoters, and festivals are struggling to stay afloat in trying economic times. Live music will be one of the last things able to make a safe return, and it’s in desperate need of funding to get there.

But we have the opportunity to make our voices heard, and we have to act now. This month, Congress will vote on the RESTART ACT, which will:

Save Our Stages

So what can you do to help individually?

Head over to NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) and sign the petition here to grant them the financial assistance they need. Contact your local representative to support the RESTART ACT. Share #SaveOurStages on social media.

If this does not pass, we are at risk of losing 90% of the hometown venues we know and love. Please do your part and help us save our stages.

Save Our Stages

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And to educate yourself and contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, check out this site.

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