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Daddy’s favorite nun and the gangster t-rex combine their smarts and sweet taste of music to create the swanky song, “Dweller.” Yeah, we don’t get those freeform bass wubs from G-Rex or that electrifying bassline from TVBOO in this song. But the experiment they made turned out to be one helluva success… and papa is gonna break it down for you.

“Dweller” is a mixture of trap, weird bass, and a lot of fun samples.

And speaking of samples, there’s a bunch of recognizable ones in “Dweller.” We got the hip hop sweep ups, evil laughs, purge alarms, and TVBOO even bought a mini horse to neigh in the song. But we gotta focus on all the sounds in this song because this song is loaded top to bottom with so many different noises.

In the beginning, we get the low stabby beat which progresses along with different samples and the drums. Then before the drop, we get some more aggressive kicks and we crescendo to the drop. Then we just get pure madness. A laser drop then some dark trap head bobbing leads follows a weird bass sweeper which is f’n unique mate. We get even more weird bass with an alien type sweeper and the mini-horse sample (surprisingly it’s not Lil Sebastian).

The song gets some vocal chop action which leads to drop number two.

And the second drop is just as impressive. You may ask what is impressive, well there’s a crazy bassline that will make you chug your Yerba and smash a TV with a toaster. And again we get odd, yet satisfying samples throughout the drop which make the song so wholesome am I right?

This song may have not been in the same schoolyard as songs like freeform bass phenomenon “Babutunde” by G-Rex and Peekaboo or basshead banger “Got Dat” by TVBOO and Jantsen. “Dweller” is an experimental track filled with so many different sounds that reach beyond what G-Rex and TVBOO have done. If you are looking for a sinister yet satisfying track you are getting a treat with this song. So crack open a PBR, and lay back in your reclining chair it’s time to listen to “Dweller.”

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