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If you haven’t heard, Tsuruda released his latest and most diverse EP, Deathwish, on the Deadbeats label this past Friday. This four-track compilation is so unique because it cannot be confined to a specific category or vibe. Each song differs in every way, yet somehow it flows together effortlessly. In short, it’s just Tsuruda being Tsuruda.

Since the beginning, Tsuruda consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic music to a point where we never know what to expect. His discography spans many genres like a true jack of all trades, but no matter the tempo, he’ll test the limits to add that certain Tsuruda style. Also, his spellbinding sets have wowed festival crowds nationwide, including EDCLV and Shambhala Music Festival. He’s undeniably a force to be reckoned with and an avid supporter of the underground.

“Yo, in this economy, doing music full time [is] a death wish in and of itself. It’s been a hard year for everyone in the music game… This a collection of four songs, and it’s just me…being me, no filter. There are some house vibes, a riddim joint, [and] even a track where I spit some bars. I wanted to give y’all some variety and express myself as an artist in full form. I hope y’all enjoy it ’cause I had a lot of fun making it!”

– Tsuruda
Tsuruda press photo

Deathwish is Tsuruda’s first EP of the year, and it will only get better.

First on the lineup is “Moxy. Although taken by surprise, this house track and its breezy bassline quickly won us over. The chorus of lively notes layered against the boots n cats is intoxicating and whimsical. It’s a soft but powerful start to the collection. Following is “Deathwish, which is a doozy with incredible bounce. Quickly we become entangled in the chaos with no choice but to dance it out until the end. But hold on because there’s no time to waste before the riddim-esque chops come out swinging!

“Lazer” tones down the chaos, but only for a second. The graceful introduction has us fooled until a whirlwind of fast beats and breaks erupts. This track is one of our favorites, with an eccentric rhythm to match an eccentric producer. Energetic and catchy, it’s a dance-floor anthem indeed.

Lastly, “Pillz” is the perfect ending. Tsuruda combines his love for rapping and hip-hop with hefty bass, and it’s a banger. There’s a steady tempo, but the experimental accents keep it weird. Once again a prime example of how smoothly genres can be intertwined.

Without a doubt, we can expect more diversity from Tsuruda this year, and that’s exciting. The Deathwish EP sparkles with originality, and seeing artists proud of their work is lovely. In other words, take advantage of the next Tsuruda set near you, and follow his socials below!

Check out the Deathwish EP by Tsuruda!

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