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Venture into the beautiful mind of Jade Cicada and experience their new album Pressure Gamut, released on January 1st. This ten-track gem flaunts superb engineering, impressive sound design, and even features two collabs with long time friend Schmoop.

Pressure Gamut album art designed by cumulus frisbee.

Earlier this month, we caught Jade Cicada performing live at The Eastern in Atlanta.

The event, equipped with signature Funktion One speakers, also featured brilliant visuals from artists like tenorless. The supporting acts consisted of sonic visionaries Resonant Language, Duffrey, Mindwipe, and Thought Process. Filled with positive energy on top of all else, the show stands as one of our favorites of the year. Now, we present the latest album from Jade Cicada: Pressure Gamut.

Dive head-first into Pressure Gamut.

This epic adventure begins in a dreamy, psychedelic environment. An atmospheric intro, “AcidTripAdvisor” is a sensational tune that immediately immerses everything in Jade Cicada’s imagination. Every second adds another layer that guides us deeper into a state of mindfulness. Providing a lucid listening perspective, this introduction demonstrates the unique sound of Jade Cicada.

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Jade Cicada Pressure Gamut Vinyl

Blending between genres with ease, tracks like “Loom” and “Bamboozled” show off the glitchy trip-hop style beats that Jade Cicada mastered, putting him in league with long-time friend Tipper. Meanwhile, tunes like “Chonkra” and “Morsels” push the tempo with drum and bass elements, layered into a genre-defying composition. “Morsels” stands as the first of two tracks with Schmoop on Pressure Gamut, a treat for excited fans as well as seasoned listeners already in tune with their collaborative project, Wonky Llama. Nevertheless, every song on Side A delivers a crisp, elaborate sound, each notable in its own distinct way.

Jade Cicada Pressure Gamut Back

As we turn to side B of Pressure Gamut, the party continues with wonky instant classics like “Schlemiel” and “Cherry Sinefold.” Additionally, Jade Cicada and Schmoop deliver their second collab dubbed “Pigeon Toad,” an experimental banger that rattles sound systems and nods heads.

This body of work concludes with two of our favorites tracks. “Wrapped in Echoes,” a funky, eccentric tune that soothes the ears but stimulates the mind. “So Long” concludes the album with an ambient voyage, completing what is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding electronic albums in recent years.

Kick off the New Year by listening to Pressure Gamut by Jade Cicada below!

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