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They’re baaaack! Anti Up has returned from their hiatus with a new psychedelic tune, “Chromatic!” Making its mark as the second most played song at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, this is a dance floor anthem that everyone needs to hear. Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo, house music royalty, first blended their talents as Anti Up back in 2018 with “Pizza,” a relatable tech house banger. The Anti Up project stands for integrity and inclusivity, so the duo has been pushing the boundaries ever since!

Untz untz untz, “Chromatic” will have your adrenaline flowing from the start!

Without a doubt, Chris and Chris are both experts at producing such fun songs, and the excitement doesn’t stop with their latest release. “Chromatic” has a retro vibe, yet the fast tempo and sassy vocals make it lively nonetheless! Its hypnotizing boots ‘n’ cats have me feeling like the GIF of that kid with the sunglasses on in the club.

Likewise, the funky accents and whooping sirens will get anyone’s fists pumping and feet shuffling. Don’t hesitate to indulge in the whirlwind of sounds because “Chromatic” is the party everyone is invited to!

Lately, more and more artists are teaming up to develop EPs together or even creative side projects, such as Anti Up, but there are no complaints here! Producers are finding new ways to keep the music fresh and interesting, and we love to see it. “Chromatic” is the prime example of refreshing, and hopefully, the dynamic duo will be making appearances together again soon. Until then, here are the next stops for Chris squared:

Chris Lake:
May 30th – Movement Music Festival– Detroit, MI
June 3rd-4th – Brooklyn, NY
June 10th – Cleveland, Ohio
Chris Lorenzo:
June 18th – Beyond Wonderland – George, WA
July 28th – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
August 5th – Breakaway Music Festival – Bonner Springs, KS

Get to groovin’ with Chromatic by Anti Up!

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