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The hot ‘n’ spicy salsa king, ONHELL, gives the community a pleasant gift with one of his most sought-after creations, “The Rake It Up Riddim.” Yes, you read that correctly, and we’re here to give you the Exclusive Premiere of this remarkable tune.

“The Rake It Up Riddim” has been on everyone’s most-wanted list for the better part of the past 4 years!

Fans in every corner of the dance music scene rejoice! First getting a taste with ONHELL’s remix of “Rake It Up,” by Yo Gotti, we simply couldn’t get enough of it. As stated by one community member, it brings about the inner stripper in them. I know that’s right!

Well, patience is a virtue. Nearly 4 years after the remix drop, we finally get the instrumental master and it hits even harder than I could have possibly imagined. Get to your nearest speakers and prepare to buss it down!

ONHELL delivers whopping punch with instrumental “The Rake It Up Riddim”

ONHELL The Rake It Up Riddim
ONHELL // Photo by @maker_babe

A sudden bass snare that backhands you upside your head, “The Rake It Up Riddim” lets everyone know she has arrived! Joined by a nifty, sideswiping bassline that echos and fades and sharpens simultaneously, you hear the iconic spectral vocals “ONHELL.”

The groovy bassline continues until that same backhanded bass comes back with a vengeance. The heavy rhythm quite literally launches you out of your seat and takes control of your body. If you don’t normally throw that ass around, you definitely will to this riddim. Its infectious tempo will guide your hips to the flow of the song, and make you drop it down low.

The full-length Grime Beats Vol. II drops on February 11th via the amazing Deep, Dark, and Dangerous label. This release also features a limited run of 250 yellow cassette tapes that include an exclusive B Side mix. Already available for pre-order here! Get ’em while they’re hot!

And stay tuned for our exclusive IG Live Interview with the main man himself, ONHELL, next Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST). Hope to see y’all in the chat! If you haven’t yet, follow us and turn those notifications ON so you don’t miss a beat!

Listen to “The Rake It Up Riddim” by ONHELL below!

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