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totto is a swiss-army-knife when it comes to bass music. With an array of tools at his disposal, his new EP, reverie, takes us on a journey through sound.

Each track from reverie fits together like a puzzle. Clean and precise, totto, born Owen Skorcz, blends genres and shapes sounds the way he wants to; limitless, and without boundaries. Because of his unique range of sound design, the Dallas Texas native is able to create an ever-changing atmosphere with reverie that will turn you into an instant fan.

The first single from reverie is “Start Sequence” and the role it plays is exactly that, a starting point. Filled with arcade sound bites and glitches, totto persuades the listener to prepare for the unpredictable, while providing a beefy bassline to set the tone.

With collaborators like 1788-L, it’s no surprise that totto is capable of bringing heavy bass to the table.

This skill is highlighted with “Burn” and “Third Impact.” What starts out with a creepy build-up, “Burn” eventually morphs into a trap heater with heavy kicks and experimental sounds to satisfy headbangers everywhere. With “Third Impact,” however, totto keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is impossible to limit this track to one sub-genre. It begins as a wonky dubstep tune, but quickly changes tempo, and smoothly slides closer to the drum and bass side of the spectrum.

Switch,” also accurately titled, serves as a palate cleanser for reverie.

This deep-dub influenced track starts slow and rides a beat that makes you want to take a late-night roadie through the city. But then, as soon as you get comfortable, totto makes a shift around the 2:15 mark. Funky synthesizers melt into the foreground, while groovy basslines back it up to make you press on the gas a little. Ignoring the speed limit, and racing through the streets like you’re in a Tron movie.

Finally, we have “Dream Sequence.” It begins with ambient scales that melt over you like butter. A kick drum breaks the euphoria and leads into a nightmarish build-up. Growling bass guides you into a synth-heavy drop with jazz elements, but, before the track ends, totto changes the pace yet again. This time incorporating DNB to close the curtains on an incredibly diverse project.

Check out reverie by totto below and let us know what you think:

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