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Not gonna lie, the situation in the scene right now is bleak. Shows, tours, and festivals postponing/canceling left and right. Artists and fans alike are hurting, and it’s only going to get worse before it get’s better. During times like this, the only thing we have to fall back on is the core of what drives our community; good music. ‘Poor Connection’ by Ookay and Hydraulix is good music.

Is literally any of this legal?!

Does Void Acoustics rent out rigs to house parties? This song deserves to be played at full blast. With no real live music prospects in the immediate future, we’re trying to compromise the structural integrity of Electric Hawk HQ’s foundation. JK… unless. Ookay brings his signature trap elements that compliments the upside down wonky dub that Hydraulix is known for sooooo well. Straight up on some EDM Garfunkel and Oates sh*t.

Trap Kevin Flynn

This chune wastes no time. Starting at 100 with a call and response of a warning tone and sharp demanding melodic line. Intersected quickly by that sexy fuzzy glitch and right into a drop that’s guaranteed to make your heart and booty drop. On first listen we thought this was gonna be your standard hype heavy dubstep track, but man that drop just does something to our collective hawk hips. Ookay and Hydraulix are geniuses, iohco (in our humble correct opinions.) All of a sudden, we were polymorphic strippers trying to make a little bitcoin in a grimy club in the Tron world. All of a sudden, we were 11 and spamming Runescape dance emotes after pwning a n00b in the wildy. Man all of a sudden, we were that one good robot in I, Robot but like… getting our cheeks smashed by bass.

Mozart has been mad quiet since this one dropped

We don’t ever want to have poor enough connection that we can’t stream this one, bröther. You know it’s a heater when it triggers memories of loading up low-res pictures of boobs on the family computer’s dial up before your parents got home. Fun but truly and overwhelmingly SLUTTY. Trap music is forever and Mozart has been mad quiet since this one dropped. Listen below! Out now via Wakaan.

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