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Without a doubt, Lightning In A Bottle is one of the most colorful festivals out there. From Wednesday to Sunday, LiB Festival goers immerse themselves in another world filled with music, movement, art, and love. So we decided to dive a bit deeper into the colors of LiB and tell you the ROYGBIV list of what you can’t miss.

R: Return to Lightning In A Bottle.

First and foremost, you simply can’t miss returning home to Buena Vista Lake, California, for obvious reasons. So get your tickets here if you haven’t yet!

O: Opening Parties

LiB offers five full days of music, with every day being just as great as the last. Things kick off on Wednesday and Thursday with the opening parties. This pre-party will feature a Desert Hearts Lake Party, four hours of Joe Kay at The Stacks, and an 80’s prom night with Marques Wyatt. As well as performances from some of our favs like Smoakland, Thought Process, Morillo, Pheel., and so many more! Needless to say, you’ll want to get there early.

Y: You Won’t Believe These Mainstages

After this weekend, you’ll safely be able to say you know what lightning sounds like. LiB offers three main stages with insane lineups, sound, and set-up. The Lightning Stage will host artists like Glass Animals, KAYTRANADA, GRiZ, Chet Faker, SG Lewis, and Purity Ring. The Thunder Stage brings the energy with names like Big Wild, CloZee, G Jones B2B Eprom, Goldlink, and Opiuo. Finally, Woogie Stage lives up to its name with dance-inducing acts like Black Coffee, Four Tet, Seth Troxler, Eli & Fur, Yotto, and VNSSA.

Photo by Michael Drummond

G: Give Yourself The Opportunity to Explore

One of the most essential parts of LiB is allowing yourself to explore. Step out of your comfort zone and discover something new! Of course, the first step is venturing to the other stages like The Stacks, The Junkyard, and Grand Artique. You never know what you might find or might hear. Who knows, you may find your new favorite artist!

B: Be Supportive of Small businesses at The Marketplace

The Marketplace is your spot for tons of community-crafted goods from local and international vendors. So if you need a new wardrobe, jewelry, skincare, or just something unique, The Marketplace is where you’ll need to be.

I: Interact With The Art Installations

LiB doesn’t just stop at the music; its colors run much deeper than that. The festival also has an array of art installations and interactive environments. So step out of the audio world and into a world of creation and imagination. Whether it’s checking out the DüN floating sculptures, hitting the Rink-A-Dink roller rink, getting a makeover at the Do-Over Beauty Salon, or impressing all your homies at Big Leroys Karaoke, there are plenty of things to get involved in.

Photo by Aaron Glassman

V: Visit The Compass

The Compass may be one of the most incredible aspects of LiB and is definitely something to check out. Offering seven immersive spaces perfect for learning, engaging, and relaxing, The Compass is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Photo by Don Idio

This list just begins to scratch the surface of all Lightning In A Bottle offers. We hope to see you at Buena Vista Lake, CA, to get lost in the colorful world of LiB together!

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