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MORiLLO embodies earthy and refined bass in his new album Changing Tides. Full of instrumentation like the sitar, ney flute, and drums, Changing Tides embraces organic production styles that traverse endless landscapes. With this, MORiLLO paves the way for a new type of production.

“Break Out” introduces the reggae atmosphere with lively lyrics and hard-hitting drums partnered with compelling bass. The album continuously segues between uncompromising reggae and fluid drum patterns, and “Mr. B’s” is the perfect example of these juxtaposing sounds. Embodying the perfect, soulful, kickback aesthetic, “Mr. B’s” seduces the listener into its dreamy and wavey aural environment. Its lush bassline interlaced with hi-hats and drum kicks encapsulate sitting back at a speakeasy while sipping on an old-fashioned.

Making our way through the album, “Mystic Mood” featuring Evan Hatfield transports us to sandy deserts with its use of the sitar, while MORiLLO’s dubby bass adds an earthy flare. Next, “Sanskrit” draws inspiration from afro-beat rhythms. With live-recorded drums paired with the ney flute, “Sanskrit” transports the listener through desert soundscapes. Lastly, rounding out the album, “Cam’s Jam” comes with more of that swanky sound that we can’t get enough of.

This album perfectly showcases MORiLLO’s illustrious career as a producer and live drummer for many groups such as Groundation, Childish Gambino, and more. From start to finish, this album effortlessly marries global influence, organic bass, and rhythmic instrumentals – bringing world bass to the forefront once again.

Listen to Changing Tides from MORiLLO here:

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