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So, this past week the internet and world have decided to stan the videos of Shia LaBeouf smoking and the girl getting the peach milkshake. Honestly, it’s time to add the Spicy BoisSpice World compilation to the mix. No, today is not just a boring Tuesday. Pleasant fact – it is actually the Autumnal Equinox! But, most importantly the day we get ten sizzling and perfectly seasoned new tracks from our fave bois!!

To make things really hot, this compilation features tracks from Electric Hawk favorites: Molokai and Cnopes. As well sriracha fan faves: yvga, synthe, Big City, Camnah, and shwiLLy. Then, for the new bois: Fellsius, Gehena, L*o*j, Smokestax, Holderr, HEIRZ, and Sacred Herb.

It’s made very obvious from the start that they put a lot of thought into this project. From the hilarious artwork to the beautiful organization of the tracklist. It tells a story from start to finish. Each song having its own peppery personality but still connecting with the others to make something purely all the way enjoyable. No skips are necessary on this one. To sum it up, this is nothing short of an absolute banger. Coming from the bois though, are we that surprised?

This track list is sexy as hell!

Fellsius – ‘D’

Scared Herb – ‘Sunday Spice’

Gehena – ‘Roots’

L*o*J – ‘Hi – Fi’

Smokestax & yvga – ‘Ghost’

holderr & HEIRZ – ‘Sloth’

synthe – ‘Huntress Wizard’

Cnopes & Molokai – ‘Heffys’

Big City & Camnah – ‘Scoville’

synthe & shwiLLy – ‘Anotha One’

On the whole, if there is one thing this collective can’t do, it’s miss. The artists not only stick to who they are by highlighting their unique sound in each personal project; they make their vibe work with each other, so well. The Spicy Bois – Spice World compilation is a deliciously unique demonstration of the talent and heat that is sitting at the gates of the underground. You get a phenomenal taste of the undefined and experimental trippy bass that makes your skin chill and heart race.

Our Spicy Bois – Spice World faves….

Admittedly, we want to go into detail on every single track. But, there’s two that specifically stuck out and we can’t turn either off them off repeat. L*o*J – “Hi-Fi” and synthe – “Huntress Wizard” have us SHOOK.

“Hi-Fi” has the perfect samples to make it a booty bouncer. It’s mellow with little hype-hitting bass drops that make it FILTHY. I promise you are going to be screaming “HI – FI!!!” for quite a while after listening to this one. L*O*J really threw together a masterpiece here. In conclusion, we love discovering a new talented individual and he is now on our radar.

synthe has yet again produced a magical track. You’re really standing in the middle of a video game when you listen to this one. Without a doubt, “Huntress Wizard” is some of the most creative and refreshingly out of the ordinary work we have ever heard. Basically, the samples in this are a visionary experience. The spell casting vibe was such a clever touch. On top of the funky bass that makes your eyelashes flutter. The Wasabi Posse is going to flip over this one.

Listen to the Spicy Bois – Spice World compilation below!!

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